Frequently Asked Questions

About Ome NFTs, Omverse and concept.

What is Ome 'OG' NFT?

OG Omes are the first collection of ultra cute, 3D blobs released into Omeverse! They are personifying the millions of microbes within our bodies and are inspired by the then viral tamagotchi as your very first virtual pet!

What is Health-to-Earn?

Every Ome owner will be able to receive custom health quests, helping them bio-hack their health and become their best self. By completing these simple quests, the owner will then be rewarded with tokens - hence Health-to-Earn.

What are some Health Quests?

Some health quests include tracking your sleep cycles and journaling your mood, to eating specific foods that are specifically beneficial to your biology. Each quests are generated from our bioAI, custom to you.

How do you make sure I did the Quests?

We currently allow self reporting via the app. However we will be integrating wearables like Apple watch and using photos 

to verify different Quests.

What are other utility for holders?

'OG' Omes are the building blocks of the entire Omeverse. Owners can choose to rent their Omes to others who could not afford an Ome themselves to become healthy, or to breed and pass down their sought after OG genetics to future players. 'OG' Ome owners will also receive VIP token, NFT and event ticket airdrops.

What is the roadmap like?

Post mint, our roadmap is planned to build and integrate the Omes and gameplay into our current live working app by the end of 2022. By then, any new players would be able to mint, store and earn all within the app, bringing in even the non-crypto natives

More details on other specific parts of the roadmap can be found in our Litepaper.

How is this project different from others?

Ome NFTs and the Omeverse is built with the focus on utility and providing real life value to users. Web3 and NFT is utilised more of an enabler to an already value creating product.

What is the goal of project?

20M lives are lost every year, which is preventable with simple diet and lifestyle changes.

Our goal is to save 1.5M lives every year by making health addictive and fun.

About the collection, artist, and strategy

How big is the collection and what is the allocation?

The 'OG' Ome is a collection of 1,000, with 10% reserved for our treasury and team. 

The Omes in the treasury will be used for future community collaborations and growth.

Is 1,000 enough for project development?

We are fortunate to have raised venture capital and do not rely on the project mint revenue to sustain our development.

We believe this allows us to commit and deliver on the roadmap without being vulnerable to market conditions.

Who are the project creators and are they doxxed?

The project is created by OSbiome, a biotech company built to make personalised health accessible to everyone. The team is fully doxxed and made of award winning scientists, seasoned entrepreneurs and battle tested engineers.

Who is the artist?

Our artist is the up and coming @ningthebun, whom have been illustrating and producing digital art for more than 10 years, with a following for her digital art stories. She self-taught herself 3D tools to manifest the cute Omes that you see today.

Why are you launching a project in this market?

After receiving well-intentioned advice to delay the mint, we have decided to go ahead because we are clear in our project's intrinsic value. We see Web3 and NFTs as a technology and are in this for the long term. Hence short term market cycles will not impact our pace of building and delivering value.

Why not do a free mint?

Free mints are an amazing way to gather an initial audience as the barrier of entry is lowered. 

However, our objective with the OG Omes is to build our first 1,000 fans who will be supporting us in the long term and thus getting rewarded for it. Free mints although easier to 'sell', has a higher chance of bringing in users who are not invested in our vision in the long term. 

About the minting details

Which blockchain is Ome minting on?

Ome 'OG' NFTs will be minting on Ethereum blockchain. We are currently still exploring the final home for the Omeverse and are evaluating potential L2s and other protocols as well.

When is the mint date/time and how much is the mint price?

Private whitelist minting will be open on the 25th June 2022 at 10AM SGT/HKT or 10PM EST for 24 hours

Public mint is on the 26th June 2022 at 10AM SGT/HKT or 10PM EST

Mint price is set at 0.05Eth and gas-free

How is the minting gas-free?

We are working with a technology partner that enables our users to mint gas-free on Ethereum. On the back-end we are subsidising parts of the cost. The only gas fees that you will have to pay is the fees to transfer Ethereum to our wallet. This reduces the gas fees to about 90% 

Do I need to have Ethereum to mint?

For minting, we allow the payment with Ethereum but for anyone who is not holding Ethereum, you can pay with your credit card on our mint page as well. We hope with all these mechanics in place, we can help lower the barrier to own a NFT.

What do I need to do to mint?

At the time of mint, our Ome 'OG' NFT page will be updated with a link to our mint page. You will have to prepare : 

1) Your Ethereum wallet address (do use the whitelisted on if you have received one)

2) Enough Ethereum in the wallet or a valid credit card 

How do I get on the whitelist?

Follow us on Twitter and join us in Discord. We run regular giveaways and games where we reward the most active and engaged community members! 

Any other questions? Ask us in our Discord!

Pssst! Discord will turn invite-only at very soon!

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