Say Hi to the #OmeGang!

First Ever Health-to-Earn NFTs.

Be Healthy to Earn.

Build Your Bio-Persona in Omeverse

Own One of the 1,000 Known 'OG' Omes.

Only Ome owners can receive health quests in the OmeVerse.

Quest bounties are given according to the rarity & status of the Omes.

'OG' Omes being the highest.

Omes are tiny little microbes recently discovered in OmeVerse. They can be seen with different traits, colours, textures & even (ahem) personalities.

Some can even be spotted impersonating their web3 legends, but those are super rare to come by.

Omes will also act as the owners' 

bio-data drives.

As more metaverses are created, Omes will one day be able to represent their owners biologically across worlds.

Simple yet Disruptive Model.

Live healthy and get rewarded. 

Earn when you sleep earlier or eat more veggies. 

It's that simple.

Rent Out Your Ome.

Anyone can be part of OmeVerse.

Players can still complete quests by renting from Ome NFT owners, with earnings split later.

Bringing Masses into Web3.

Even your uncle can play. 

Players don't even need to know about Web3. They can start playing first, earn & be guided later on using their tokens. 

We Want to Make Health Accessible For All.

We are committing a portion of OmeVerse and #OmeNFT profits to support nutrition and food programs globally.
Ome NFT holders get to propose causes they would like to support.


You are early. Don't miss out on the creation of the first 

Decentralised Health Metaverse - the Omeverse.


Let There Be Light.


At the beginning there was nothing. 
The brightest minds were gathered to build what is now known as OmeAI -  an all-knowing collective intelligence that generates health quests specially crafted to every individual.
But soon, humans started having difficulty understanding the quests.

- Formed team & Raised VC.- Built & validated bio-AI engine.- Launched app on iOS & Play Store


Age Of Discovery.


Thus begun the era of Exploration. This led to the discovery of the Omes (Oh · mees). They seem to understand the quests perfectly.
Till date we have discovered 1,000 species of Omes & records are piling up on their unique traits & surprisingly, personalities.

- Ome 'OG' NFT Whitelist Launch- Private & public mint
- Finalise Tokenomics & Whitepaper


The Golden Age.

BY 2022

Ah yes. The period where great endeavours are accomplished. 
Working with Omes in perfect harmony can unlock endless bounties from completing quests.
We now need to create a strong & sustainable economy, to keep progressing as an #OmeVerse. 

- IDO of Omeverse tokens & economy- Migration testing & shipping of d-App- Development of Quest & Rental System


Crossing Metaverses.

2023 & BEYOND

As cities & countries start to amass great wealth & health, it is inevitable that we start thinking, 'What next?'. 
Either greed can take over & wars will erupt over global-scale quests & rewards. Or the dreamers will start looking beyond the stars of #OmeVerse, seeking to communicate with the worlds out there.

- Annual City/National level 'health wars'- Onboarding cross-chain & cross-metaverse partnerships to expand use cases of bio-personas. 

Want to know Wen Mint?Come hang with us! 
Noone gets hurt there! 


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"They provided guidance & recommendations around my wellness plan to improve my overall health."


Existing App Customer

Doxxed Team

Dr Maria aka DrOme

CTO / Co-Founder

Ian aka ChiefOme

CEO / Co-Founder


Ome NFT Artist

Shannon Soh aka CommunityOme

Collab Manager & Moderator

Yassin aka DataOme


MSc Bio-informatics

Shao aka DevOme

Head Engineer

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